Selling Your Home in Coeur d'Alene

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Home Selling Strategy

Below you can read our 7 proven steps to getting the highest price when selling your home in Coeur d'Alene and North Idaho. It is a brief overview of our extensive marketing program. Our program gets your home sold fast and for the highest price. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Pricing Your Coeur d'Alene Home STEP 1: Pricing Strategy and Market Overview

We utilize strategies beyond just the normal Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).. Unlike most other realtors, we look at other statistics to ensure we get the most accurate price. This is done through the basic CMA as well as reviewing; interest rates, the financing availability index and the overall inventory levels of the current market.

Consultation for Selling Your Coeur d'Alene Home STEP 2: Pre-Listing Consultation | Advice & Education

During our pre-listing consultation, we will discuss and determine what, if anything, needs to be improved to make your home show better and sell for more. This may include staging advice, minor repairs, upgrades and a possible home inspection. We are devoted to educating all of our sellers and answering any questions they have about their upcoming home sale.

Stand out when selling Your Coeur d'Alene Home STEP 3: Making Your Home Stand Out from the Crowd

In this fast paced competitive market, it is essential for your home to stand out from the crowd. Standing out and showing better than your competition increases the value of your home and attractiveness to buyers. Professional photography, listing presentation videos, aerial HD video, 3D Showcase and property descriptions are just a few of the ways we make your home stand out from the crowd.

Local Marketing for Your Coeur d'Alene Home STEP 4: Local, Print & Network Marketing

Building on the previous principle of standing out, we make sure that our entire local market knows that your home is for sale and doesn't forget it. We want your home to remain top of mind consciousness with all local realtors and home buyers. Our local, print and network marketing is first class in letting local buyers and realtors know your home is for sale and keeps them aware until it is SOLD. Just letting people know isn't enough anymore. That's why we employ buyer info capture and text features so we can always follow up with any buyers that show interest in your home.

Selling Your Coeur d'Alene Home Online STEP 5: Online Marketing & Social Media Strategies

Google, Facebook, YouTube and other social sites are one of the best tools for generating maximum exposure for your home. Studies show that 90% of all home buyers shop online. Go where your customers are is a common saying we take to heart. If 90% of potential buyers are online, than your home must be online. The next step in online marketing is to ensure that your home is in more than a few places. We partner and advertise on the most effective websites, each designed to capture a different sector of home buyers and make sure they see your home.

Negotiating the sale of your Coeur d'Alene home STEP 6: Negotiations, Management & Communication

After you receive that full price offer, there are still many tasks that need to be completed. Our team will ensure that nothing is missed during your transaction. During negotiations, we take pride in our ability to use creative negotiation tactics to ensure you get the best result possible. We constantly monitor your transaction and make sure you are always kept up to date. From the beginning to the end, we stay in constant communication with you to inform you of any activity or feedback your home receives.

Choose the A Team when selling your Coeur d'Alene home STEP 7: Leveraging A Team Approach & Exclusivity

When working with us, you are hiring a team of extremely qualified people vs just one agent, for the same price. Our team is exclusive and only takes on a limited number of clients. This exclusivity means we have more time to focus on you and ensure your home is top priority. Our systems are in place to ensure the many specialized tasks of selling your home are completed efficiently, effectively, and with no errors.